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Israel Herb School exposes you to a wide variety of perspectives regarding the Way of Herbs from folk traditions to the scientific approach to medicine making. Our very ancient roots in Israel affords lots to learn from the land. We use ecological toilets and live close to the land for this life changing experience as we reconnect with our roots in the land as a community. We live on site of the school in the hills of Israel and learn to grow and make medicine from the ground up in the garden. The formal study component consists of intensive classes, lab work, and an apprenticeship with Baruch Shapiro, Clinical Herbalist and Founder of the Israel School of Herbal Medicine.

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Baruch Shapiro studied Western Herbology in depth from leading teachers in the West. This eventually culminated in certification in the U.S as a Clinical Herbalist, which included training from multiple schools in California and New Mexico. He brings together varied perspectives, including scientific and folk approaches to herbal medicine are brought together through his teaching, which is practical and wide at the same time. He maintains a clinical practice, serves as an educator for adults and children, and has worked as medicine maker for over 20 years in Israel and the U.S. Working with people after training as a “healer” has been exciting and humbling. The more we learn about nature, the more we realize that there is nothing that we can do for anyone that the Creator has not already programmed into the natural world for us to discover.

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